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      19 Aug

    The server keeps crashing for me ever since yesterday. Is it really just me? Or is the server lagging or crashing a lot more?

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      19 Aug

    Well guys... This is the end of good o' Swampert. I just got banned from all of muttsworld for telling Mumblerit Radiate was abusing his mod powers. I'll see you all on the flip side. Also my last famous words that i was going to saw before Mumblerit banned me was: CowPigeon

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What's New With Minigames? Take A Look!

Aug 17 2014 09:21 PM | Mattyddub in Minecraft

As I Am Sure you are all aware /Server Minigames has been changing alot lately!
So here's an Update for all of you :D

View attachment: Minigames.png

The Spawn is AMAZING!

View attachment: Spawn1.png
View attachment: Spawn2.png
View attachment: Spawn3.png

I cant even Justify Spawn with pictures, Go look at it yourself, /Server Minigames
Hans and His team really Outdid themselves on this one!

Capture the Flag has been added! (/CTF Join)
You like Kit PVP? Well here it is with a twist! Capture the Flag!

View attachment: CTF1.png
View attachment: SwampCTF.png

Come Test your Skills Today! /Server Minigames then /CTF join
See who's the toughest, fasted and most cunning of you and your friends!

Next up Anvilgame Got a makeover!

View attachment: Anvilgames.png

You and Join anvilgame By going through the Portal at /Spawn

Next Up Paintball, We've been hard on the grind with this one, It started with one map and you guys loving it and now we've added plenty of new maps to Gun each other down on!

Western: A Saloon and Police station, good ol' Cops 'N' Robbers style
View attachment: WesternPB.png

Barn: For them Good old Country boys
View attachment: BarnPB.png

Prison: A riot has Broken out on Death row... There can be no Survivors!
View attachment: PrisonPB.png

Space: We've Taken this fight out of this world, Fight not for your Country but your World!
View attachment: SpacePBnight.png

Mountain side: I was all peaceful until they Found the hills had secrets!
View attachment: MountainsidePB.png

Hell: No rules, No Safety Just War... THIS IS HELL!
View attachment: Hell.png

This is what we've got going on thus far, More To come!
Special thanks to All the staff members who helped make this all happen
And Special thanks to the players Staying true to Minigames, Glad you're Having fun!

On behalf of the Muttsworld team

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Announcing A Towny Build Contest

Aug 12 2014 01:45 AM | Vidad in Minecraft

We're hosting 2 small build contests on towny. We're looking for much better replacements for
  • Mattyddubs lighthouse at spawn
  • Posted Image
  • iTHC's small boat at the spawn port
  • Posted Image
You have 2 weeks from today to build something spectacular and have it displayed at spawn.
Staff will do the judging, post here when you are done - the town name or coords where we can view the builds.

There will be a money prize of 3000 mums for each build that wins.

If none of the builds are better than what is there a winner will not be chosen.
Show us what you're made of and what you can make :) We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Make It Rain Changed

Aug 06 2014 05:07 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Whoever buys make it rain keeps the title until the next person buys it!


Also added two commands for youtubers:

ytsetspam and ytspam

Allows you to share your channel with others!

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Awesome Diplomat Effects

Aug 01 2014 03:08 PM | greennou99 in Minecraft

Hey everyone, check out the awesome new effects added on survival for diplomats.

Posted Image

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Modify Our Moderators - Contest - Diplo Prize

Jul 17 2014 10:05 PM | railguy_ in Minecraft

Hello everyone,

Smithblack_0 and iTHC have been working behind the scenes to get a large number of contests ready for everyone. The first contest is our staff statue modification contest. It will be taking place on the first of August, at 11:00 AM PST and will last for 2 hours. Converted start times for other areas of the US are 12 PM DST, 1:00 PM CST, and 2:00 PM EST. The prize for winning this contest is up to 3 Month Diplo.

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Infinite market sales

Jul 12 2014 02:37 AM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Gunpowder, glowstone and quartz are now sold by the server in unlimited amounts, on the market

/market listings server

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Dns timeout

Jul 09 2014 03:25 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

The DNS server we were using disappeared, ive added additional DNS servers, sorry for inconvenience.

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Minigames updates

Jul 11 2014 09:21 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

  • Trails added to diplomats /trails
  • Roulette costs increased (2 tokens for 10mums)

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