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Oct 16 2014 12:23 AM | railguy_ in Minecraft

Hello everyone, we've changed up some things and added some new features to the servers that I will be highlighting below!

FunCannon and Parkour -
Whenever you join the MuttsWorld lobby you are now equipped with a FunCannon that you can shoot at other players to make them disappear. There's no objective or goal, just have fun with it! We've also added some new parkours to the lobby so make sure you have conquered them all!

Towny and PvP -
Recently we've have merged the Towny and PvP servers together into one server labeled "PvP" so if you are looking for Towny that's where it is. The map has also been reset to allow all of you to get out there and make new towns and have a fresh start. If you have any questions the PvP Admins (Radiate88 and Vidad) will be glad to answer them.

Cops Server -
Ever played Cops and Robbers? Or perhaps Counter-Strike? Our newest gamemode is similar to those two games. Two teams (Cops and Criminals teams) fight each other to win the majority of the rounds. Cops your goal is to stop the criminals from planting the bomb, criminals you have been tasked with planting the bomb and detonating it! This server is BETA and there are much more planned features to come such as custom resource pack, more guns and explosives, and new maps.

Event Team -
The Event Team has been working hard to plan events for you guys throughout the month of October! The Event Team will be maintaining a calendar of events, listing all the Teamspeak and server events for that month. Click here to see that calendar!

L2D Map and Resource Pack -
The new Halloween L2D will be released this Saturday October 18th for Diplomats! If you are not a Diplomat it will be released October 24th. You can purchase Diplomat here! Regarding the resource pack you guys didn't seem to like the old one, so we've got an even better one now, so enable server resource packs and check it out!

Leave your feedback, comments, and questions below and we'll answer them as soon as we can!

- MuttsWorld Staff

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Halloween Skin Contest

Oct 06 2014 07:14 AM | railguy_ in Minecraft

Halloween is right around the corner so it's time to get in the spirit of Halloween!

What you will be doing:

Show off your skills at making minecraft skins and customize your current MC skin into a Halloween version of itself. You must use your CURRENT skin. I don't want you using some holiday skin you found off the interwebz.

Take screenshots in your current skin before any changes are made. Then take another screenshot after all changes have been made and it's ready to be showed off to MuttsWorld!

Also take pictures of your skin on http://mcskinsearch.com/ so that we can clearly see what your skin looks like.

You must have before and after screenshots along with pictures of your skin from http://mcskinsearch.com/

No troll entries. Let's have fun with this.


The deadline for you to post your skins in this thread with a BEFORE, AFTER, and a picture of your skin from http://mcskinsearch.com/ will be October 20th. Any skins posted later than that will not be judged. Judging will take place from October 21st until October 23rd.


Prizes for this contest will be giving to the 1st and 2nd place winners.

The player that wins 1st place will receive 3 months of diplomat, and 2nd place will receive 1 months of Diplomat.

Prizes will be given to the winners on October 31st!

Have fun with this contest and show us what you can do!


MuttsWorld Event Team

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Free Humble Bundle Games Contest

Oct 02 2014 12:53 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Giving away 3 Humble Bundles - contest here

Prize: Humble Bundle

Follow Tweet Like for entries!

MuttsWorld Humble Bundle Contest

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Morning crew staff positions

Oct 01 2014 09:32 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

Looking for people on l2d creative and pvp available in the morning (9am - 2pmEST)

Please see me on ircif you feel you would be available some or all of these hours to help out.

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Recent Updates and Changes

Oct 01 2014 01:35 AM | railguy_ in Minecraft

Hello everyone! Recently we've made quite a few small and large changes to the server that I will highlight in this post. Most of them have already been implemented, and others will be implemented very soon!

New Lobby Decor:
The lobby has been visited by a team of magical squirrels that have decorated the lobby for Halloween! More holiday themed pakours and lobby games will be introduced very soon!

The New PvP:
The PvP experiment is still underway and you can read more about the update here! Come try it out! The battles are more intense and resources limited!

You can now earn gems on Minigames from completing parkours and other games, which you can use to purchase blocks and build in the plotworld! You can now make parkours on Creative and have them transferred Minigames! Read more about that here! We are also working on a new Wipeout game based on the hit TV show that will be introduced soon!

L2D Additions:
Now on L2D you can be entered to win a daily raffle in-game as well as new particle effects for Diplomats! Not to mention our awesome new holiday map that will be released this Halloween!

If you have questions or feedback please post them below in the comments!

MuttsWorld Staff

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What's new on Towny!

Sep 24 2014 04:33 PM | railguy_ in Minecraft

Here's what's new on TOWNY!

So we've added a couple new features to our Towny server.

1. We've added Battletracker. Now you'll get more info on who and how you killed your favorite hater.
2. We have added the chatparty plugin which will now allow you to make your own party chat for your towns/nations to keep all your secrets(secret).
3. The cost to upkeep your towns has been DRASTICALLY reduced.

Here are the some relevant party commands.

/party or /party help
- plugin help

There are now more interesting areas around spawn to PvP in. We also have a few new minigames for when we just want to goof off. Things like...

TNT Dodgeball, Anvilgames, a very tough parkour challenge, and much more in the making.

Come join us on /server towny, make a TOWN, be in control of your own town/plot perms and protections, build a NATION and rule the world!

MuttsWorld Administration

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Introducing MuttsWorld PvP 2.0

Sep 21 2014 05:37 AM | Mattyddub in Minecraft

PvP has been reset as some of you are aware. PvP has gotten smaller and even more intense for battle over resources! Find your team and battle hard!

There will be 4 teams, and you will be auto-assigned as you join. However you may /team Leave and /team join another team. You can also decide to go rogue and run solo, leaving your team to slaughter as a nomad. However upon relog you will be auto-assigned but can leave again.

The PvP spawn is the same, the world outside of the obsidian marker has been reset, inventories are reset and vaults are reset.

The PvP server is now based on the micro map experiment http://www.minecraft...-map-experiment

And should be very interesting, I'm excited to see how this goes.

Get out there and kick some ass!

Cheers on behalf of the MuttsWorld Staff!


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Input needed

Sep 16 2014 11:57 PM | mumblerit in Minecraft

First read some of this:


consideriing moving pvp or towny to a system like this, please leave input/comments!

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